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3D Body scan

When I went to the shops with a friend, we walked in and saw this:

we were like wtf? and went inside.. as long as it was free we were willing to try anything.

Inside it was nice and dark with compartments like this on the one side:

the other side was just the door. Also realised that for the scan clothes had to be removed so I was promptly tossed outside while she had her scan.

It took a few minutes and then it was my turn 🙂 My experience felt a bit surreal and futuristic. It was interesting, and the scan measured my height and body weight, and other measurements that cost money on their app, so didn’t sign up for that. 

I was surprised how accurate it was, it was also a first for me! Would do it again to see if I lose weight 😀 but for now I would rather not.

If you were thinking of actually paying for the service, I would suggest reading reviews online and base your decision on that. 

We went to carousel in Perth, so if you wanted to give this a go, I’m sure it’s there! for now at least

mPort Website – click here


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