Alfred’s kitchen REVIEW

This week, we decided to try a burger place that has been open since 1946! making it the LONGEST running roadside burger kitchen in Perth. We came here with high expectations as there was A LOT of people waiting and ordering food. There was also a small sitting area behind the kitchen if you wanted to eat straight away. 

The pictures on the website looked really really yummy. It has a lot of likes and good reviews so we gave it a shot!

Anyway, onto the review!


This kitchen is located in Guildford and has limited parking. It’s also open till late (12am) so shift workers (like me) can try something new 🙂 After ordering we ate inside the tram! They repurposed it and it has dining tables and chairs 🙂


Colourful and clear 🙂

DISCLAIMER: If you come here prepare to wait. We guesstimate we were waiting on the bench for our number to be called for 20-30mins. 

Once ordering we waited and waited and.. you guessed it drank water. To pass the time I went back to the counter and ordered a small serving of their “famous pea and ham soup.” I was pretty disappointed. When you look at it, it’s brown and I thought it would be green BUT I’ve never had pea and ham soup SO it could look like this..

Pea and Ham soup

Taste wise, there was no taste. Not being overly critical BUT it was bland. Texture is very watery, I thought it would be a thick creamy pea and ham soup and boy was I wrong. Only saving grace was it was cold that night and it was hot so I finished it. 

Going from that I was STILL looking forward to my burger as, you know EVERYONE comes there for the burgers! Picture first!

Hamburger with chesse, egg, and bacon

When we opened it, it was already cut in half YAY 🙂 Then we took a bite. I will be perfectly honest. I did not like it.. 

When I took a bite, I found it VERY dry and BLAND. I saw there were a lot of condiments at the counter and in the tram so I got some ketchup and salt. It became less dry if I put a heap of tomato sauce BUT I was disappointed. I like my food, and am willing to give most things a shot. 

Burgers are supposed to be juicy, loaded with flavour and can stand on its own WITHOUT condiments. I finished half and couldn’t finish anymore. Good thing about the burger is that the bacon was crispy and I liked the tomato 🙂

I forgot to add, we also ordered chips and gravey and that was bland, the gravey was bland..let that sink in. 

We also brought one home for another friend to try and this was the famous “cram” burger. No pictures, as we were playing UNO when she ate! She found it average.


  • Experience 6/10
  • Cleanliness 8/10
  • Food 3/10
  • Value for money 6/10

If you’re in Perth and want to try the LONGEST running burger kitchen then this is the place! 

Was it worth the wait? probably not for me. 

It was an experience and I don’t regret it, even if I didn’t enjoy the food. 


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