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Havin’ a spring of a time

A 1 pic food post 🙂 surreh

So in Perth there’s this really nice garden that blossoms in Spring! Best time to go is in October as it’s right in the middle 🙂

Because life needs a little pick me up sometimes I thought I would share our trip to Araluen Botanical Park.

The park is located an 1hr south east from Perth and is a lovely drive getting there.

Alrightly, onto the pictures 🙂 ENJOY!

Some of the views when you start walking in after the pay station

Some more views inside and the main ‘park’ area to have a nice picnic

This area is further in and has stairs going up to see that view

Overall when we went it was a great day. It wasn’t too hot and had a nice cold breeze. We forgot to bring food  because we usually don’t so we ate at the restaurant at the top 🙂 It was pretty good food. I have 1.. just 1 picture of the food (below)

Beef and Chicken Schnitzel burgers with chips nomnoms

There is an entry fee, and if you’re going when it’s peak season on the weekends I suggest come EARLY like as soon as it opens! Parking is a B-word.

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