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Paper Love

This post is very different from ones I’ve made previously. There is absolutely NO food pictures O_O

Reminiscing from 2 years ago, I celebrated my 21st! Happy beeday!
In our culture, it’s not overly celebrated for a girl (we get the sweet 16, and 18th birthdays) BUT I wanted to throw a party for family and friends and I wanted it to celebrate my childhood!

Can you guess what my theme was? It was a SUPERHERO/ VILLAIN party 😀

Picture this: Grown ups 30+ dressed up as bat girl, batman, poison ivy, and Superman etc.. BEST BIRTHDAY EBER
This post has no pictures of those.

We are a culture that celebrates the guests as well SO we ALWAYS have ‘giveaways’ at the end. These are presents FOR the guests to thank them for celebrating with me. I MADE the giveaways to SHOW my love and because I wanted to save some money. I probably spent just under $60 for the jars and paper. I wanted to show you what I made for family and friends to give you an idea how I show my appreciation using close to $2 for each person/family.

I made around 30 jars filled with origami birds and flowers.

If you want to make what I did, here’s what you need:

  • Coloured paper
  • precision cutter blade thingy (or scissors)
  • double sided tape
  • fishing wire
  • Fake gemstones (I used emeralds as I was born in May)

I used the art of origami to pretty much show off what I could do. Remember those paper cranes we made in school? yeah, I made LOTS of those. (4 cranes for each jar.. let that sink in)

I decided to have a bit of fun and see how small I could make it. I already knew how small I wanted them.

With the jars, I used those as storage for the cranes until I had to assemble everything together. The cranes are easy to make (I googled it once, think I will never forget how to make it now) but they can rip easily.

My MANY paper cranes

Apart from the cranes, I made paper lotus’. These were a bit more trickier and I used youtube just to see how to do the last folds. The amount of times it ripped made me soo annoyed! It’s a very delicate flower BUT so worth it!

Rainbow love ❤

For those origami lovers: I know these are pretty simple and quite easy BUT making a lot of these in a limited time period is very stressful. I didn’t make harder designs because I honestly couldn’t 😦 Props to you guys for being able to make such difficult pieces!

The crane and lotus flowers are the only two designs I made. Assembly was a bit more difficult. I wanted the lotus at the bottom of the jar with the ‘flower’ being the fake gem with the cranes ‘flying around it’ at different heights.

I used the fishing wire to hold up the cranes on the lid using double sided tape. I taped the lotus to the bottom of the jar and taped the gem to the bottom of the lotus as well.

Finished design!

I also added some glitter inside! and dipped each crane beak into glue with gold glitter
There was another box filled with jars! All colour coordinated with help from my OCD 🙂

I spent a few hours each day on this project AND I would definitely do it again! The time and effort I spent can be seen from I think the good quality of the final design.

I made these for my guests NOT because I had to. I could have easily just bought something BUT I wanted to show those I loved what they meant to me. This is my paper love.

Please like and share if you like what you see! 🙂


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