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Beaufort Street markets

So on Mondays, there are night markets on Beaufort street. It’s called Monday night markets (starts at 6pm and closes at 9:30pm).

A month ago, my friends and I decided to see what’s there and try out a few different types of food. We arrived during the earlier time and it was a good time as it wasn’t too busy. It got quite busy while we were wandering around.

Here are some stalls and the food we tried from them!

Japanese Stall

Crepe and coffee truck!

Hungarian Stall (We shared the potato bites, very very filling! nomnom)

‘Cronut’ stall (wasn’t really nice, also sorry for the blur 😦 )

Overall, if I had the time (I have work Mondays now 😦 ) I would try to go again. It was a lot of fun, I think this time I will bring my hunny and show him the nice food. There was a LOT more stalls as it went down a few streets.

I recommend coming down, come early so you can find parking! Very family and pet friendly so it’s great to bring everyone along.

I have no clue if it ends beginning or end of March, so there’s either ONE more Monday left to go, or a few more 🙂

Here’s a link to their website as it has a map to show where it starts and ends:

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