MASH brewery v.2

We went back! and it did NOT disappoint 😀

I’m kinda glad we went during the week as it was less busy and just felt better.

As always, the service was exceptional, our server was very kind, friendly, and attentive to our needs.

So, as it’s a brewery we just HAD to order beer. Hunny ordered the New norcia abbey ale, and to my surprise it wasn’t too heavy, but very refreshing! I ordered the cider (again) because it was great the first time 🙂

Ice cold drinks for a hot summers day

Looking at the menu, we had some problems deciding what to get BUT we definitely wanted something new.

We decided to share a dish and get our own meals after.

Entree – Sticky Pork belly Bao (share plate)


GIANT onion rings 🙂

One of the BEST bao’s I have EVER eaten. It was wonderfully soft and fluffy. The pork was soft, and mixed with the hoisen it was really really nice. The bun is like a super soft chinese bun type. IT WAS AMAZING! There was also some onion rings which was nice and crunchy.


I ordered the steak sandwich, it was big.. like REALLY big. The bread seemed to have been fried with butter, the steak and salad worked well together. The chips though… I can honestly say it NEVER went soggy. As in, we sat eating for quite a while and it just ALWAYS stayed crisp and crunchy. The aioli sauce wasn’t too creamy and it was one of the better aioli sauces I’ve had (kinda want to learn to make it).


Hunny ordered the MASH wagyu burger. I’ve spoken about this in MASH brewery v.1 (link here: and yes, it’s as great as it was the first time I had it.


Those pickles! O_O nomnom

As you see, we go back to great restaurants. It was quite an expensive lunch when you add it all up BUT it was totally worth it. We will probably order less next time, just get share plates as we couldn’t finish that wonderful food!

Staff is the most friendly I’ve ever encountered. If you’re in the Swan Valley, I URGE you to come to MASH. You won’t be disappointed in both food AND service!

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