This week, I had to get private health insurance for myself because I’m now an ‘adult’. (Leave a comment if you want to read my struggle with finding insurance)

I ended up in Joondalup and got things doneee!

Onto the food, I was alone so less food pictures ;(

I’ve been here before, sometimes it was good, sometimes not as good. I do like the seating, and sitting outside was pretty neat.

I ordered the Wild wild west burger with a side of chips and sweet chilli mayo

Burger itself was really juicy (you can see the meat juices in one picture O_O) and filling. The chips were also pretty good, never got soggy and paired with the sauce was extremely nice!

Can you see the juice!? O_O

I ordered the panini bun (first time) and I prefer it now over the traditional! less crumbs :p

Overall, was quite an average lunch, if i were to get Grill’d again, I would go my favourite location. If I went back to Joondalup, I actually want to try a different place called the ‘health freak cafe’. I wonder what that’s like!

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