Elmer’s in the valley

A few months ago, I started craving specific types of food. One such food was German cuisine.

On date day (we have many date days πŸ˜€ ) we had lunch at a more pricey restaurant than usual as we wanted to have a nice treat πŸ™‚

On to the FOOD!

Entree – Fresh Bread Basket
We shared a selection of bread with a few dips. I didn’t know that bread could be good with just a dip O_O. I’m not a bread person, but this could have converted me! The serving size was good, there was more than enough to share. We decided against each getting an entree as we wanted more room for mains and maybe dessert (too full to order dessert 😦 )


Bratwurst Plate

A selection of different types of sausages and mash πŸ™‚ It was really tasty, wasn’t what I ordered so I can’t give a full description. It was soft and had plenty of flavour. I dislike sauerkraut, but the rest was nomnoms

Very filling and delicious ‘nuf said πŸ™‚

Pork ribs in a type of honey sauce (sorry I can’t be more descriptive, I can’t find it on the menu so it could have been a special)

This is also my first time every having ribs! So unhappy though.. I know have an extremely high expectation of all ribs i eat from now on. It was great. JUST GREAT. No words can describe how soft the meat was, melt in your mouth, and the sauce just enhanced the flavour. Salad and chips were good accompaniment as they also tasted good.

Meat that just slides off the bone nomnoms

We also celebrated Oktoberfest here! If you want to celebrate Oktoberfest.. GO TO GERMANY! but, if you have no $$$ or have no time (like us) staying in Perth and going to the Swan Valley is a great substitute! BUT if you’re in Perth, go to Margaret River as it’s amazing there πŸ˜€
There is an Oktoberfest in the gardens (an event that travels all around AUS) if you prefer the more music and very loud festivals. If you’re like us, and enjoy great food, and less of a crowd, I suggest Elmer’s in the valley for Oktoberfest πŸ™‚

Here’s the link to their website, have a look at the menu’s, and make a reservation!

PS: I know the past 2 posts are quite disjointed and far apart, but I need to find a restaurant I want to eat in again or something new. Leave a comment if you think of any restaurants that are worth going to in Perth πŸ™‚

Remember to like and follow my blog if you like what you see! πŸ˜€


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