MASH brewery V.1

In December, hunny and I went to the swan valley for a weekend. This meant eating REALLY REALLY good food!
This review is probably very overdue!

We went to the MASH brewery by coincidence! we were pretty hungry after a round of mini-golf (because everyone loves mini-golf)

It was quite busy throughout lunch BUT the service was exceptional.

It was difficult to decide what food we wanted to eat as everything looked good, BUT as we’ve never dined there we were trying to find the safest option that we would be sure to like.

We planned to eat a lot more that day, so we TRIED to order less!

As this was a brewery, how could we not order beer!?
That day, on tap was a selection (pictured below)


We ordered the first two options, the cider and the wheat beer.
I honestly prefered the cider as it tasted like it had no alcohol in it! πŸ˜€ It tasted very very appley (is that a word?)
The wheat beer was pretty good too, not too hoppy for me actually.
(Sorry there are no photos, hard to take a picture when someone is drinking T_T)

The food we ordered were the MASH wagyu beef burger and chips and the quessadella with beef, or pork, or lamb, sorry, forgot :/ (which i can’t find on the menu, think it was a special item)

The chips were crisp, I wish we ordered a bowl O_O The burger was also pretty moist and filling! Pretty good burger nomnoms
Quesadilla was good, I dislike jalapenos so i didn’t eat much, but wasn’t my dish πŸ˜‰ Only issue was we ate too slow and the tortilla became soggy 😦 Totally our fault

Overall, we are coming back again probably sometime this week, as we decided to have a lunch date πŸ™‚
Quite excited to eat here again!

There are a few locations BUT we were in the neighbourhood πŸ™‚ Their menu and different locations are on their website:

It can get quite busy, so check on Google to see the peak times πŸ™‚

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