The Merrywell

Monday night, i went out with a friend and some of her family.

The Merrywell is at Burswood WA and right next to the casino πŸ™‚
The main reason we chose this restaurant was because I just came from work, and I had no nice shoes, I just wore sneakers πŸ™‚

There were heaps of food on the menu, making it difficult for us to decide! Using zomato helped us decide on the food to get. If we could, we would have ordered more BUT we couldn’t even finish our food!

So, what did we order?

  • 4 shared dishes.
  • 1 shared dessert.
  • Drinks! Non alcoholic, and Alcoholic.
  • Side of nomnom fries

I will keep this short, as no one wants to hear me ramble, and just want to see the pictures!

Our Drinks for the night

Lemon lime and Bitters x3, Merry Mojito,and Lychee Calippo (Left to right)

Lollipop Buffalo wings

It’s a bit spicy, sauce is a blue cheese sauce that balances the chicken well (sorry about blurry picture!)

Baja prawn tacos

Contains real prawns, I found the salad a bit too overpowering, least favorite dish of the night 😦

Korean style fried chicken bao buns

REALLY nomnoms. Very soft bao and great balance between meat and bun! will craveee again

Merrywell Macho Nachos

The biggest dish of the night! The wagyu beef we choose was tender and a bit sweet because of the cheese and added vegetables BUT wouldn’t order it again.

French fries in rendered duck fat, truffle salt, and fresh herbs

If we didn’t order all the other food, we would have ordered another 3 bowls…. It was THAT GOOD. It’s not to everyone’s taste BUT it’s really really nice. If you read this, GET IT, just to try πŸ™‚

Apple Pie empanada

Really really tasty, crisp crust, and not so sweet. Just get it.. it’s dessert, who doesn’t love dessert πŸ˜€

Overall, the food and drinks were really really good! We did share most of it, guess what we didn’t finish!

We might go again, but there’s a higher chance we’ll try something new πŸ™‚

Their full menu is on their website:

As it’s a pretty casual restaurant, there’s no need to book! Be careful during peak times Friday-Sunday nights as it can be quite packed.

PS: There were 4 of us, so we’re not that crazy for ordering all that food!

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