Prego Restaurant

On Valentines Day this year I was lucky enough to have no work (yay!)

This meant that my hunny and I could go out for a dinner experience we could never forget.

We booked the restaurant about 1 week in advance because after all, it was Valentines Day!

We ate a set menu that day, but there was a special inclusion for an entree which we both chose! (Below I have inserted the menu for the night). This will be an amature short review of our experience, food, and plenty of pictures)


First, the inside of the restaurant:

It was a small quaint restaurant with a great atmosphere. The table was set nicely and we were served in a reasonable time. Staff were very welcoming and friendly and very attentive throughout the whole night.



For entree we ordered the special off the menu offer of Chilli and garlic tiger prawns.

The prawns were cooked beautifully and the accompaniment of green peas, peppers, and tomatos helped enhance the flavour. I found the serving size a bit big for an entree, but none the less I think that was my favourite dish of the night! I would definitely order the dish again as it was great.




We ordered different dishes. Hunny had the first option (too long to write), and I had the second option. (Those wondering, fish of the day was barramundi, wish I could have ordered that too).

Duo of duck and lamb

Beautifully presented and nicely cooked pieces of meat and really tasty vegetables. The duck had crispy skin and the meat melts in your mouth. The lamb was very tender and easy to eat, beautifully seasoned! Out of the mains we chose, I would have this one again, couscous was fresh and tasty. One thing I would like more would be the mushroom, as there was only one 😦



Beef fillet

I asked for my steak to be cooked medium rare. I think it was a bit too much on the rarer side. I found it a bit too chewy BUT it was seasoned really nicely. The side of eggplant mouse wasn’t really my cup of tea, but the hunny liked it, so.. thumbs up! The chips (wish there was more) were crunchy and really really nice.


Overall I think mains were an 8/10. The portion sizes were great! I know some restaurants have smaller portion sizes that leaves me hungry.


The dessert platter was really good. It was a nice sharing platter that just left the night on a great high! I don’t really have any words to describe how nice it was. It was one of the better desserts I have tried (I have the biggest sweet tooth!)




The overall experience, compared to other fine dining restaurants I’ve had, it would probably be a 8/10.

We are planning to return to Prego Restaurant quite soon and try the degustation menus!

Can find the menu and reservation form on their restaurant:

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